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About Pam

A passion for dance, a passion for Pilates; it is rare to have had the opportunity in life to fulfil both but I have been fortunate to achieve just that.
I trained as a dancer at Bush Davies Educational Arts in East Grinstead, West Sussex for over 8 years completing both educational and vocational studies including AISTD teaching qualifications in ballet.
From there  I went to Paris where I joined the Bluebell Girls and enjoyed my time  at the ‘Lido de Paris’ , before spending  many years dancing in Europe with other companies.
Life as a dancer and being amongst other dance professionals for many years highlighted to me the importance of the physical wellbeing of the body. Correct posture, muscle tone, strength and alignment was essential, enabling the body to attain and maintain a high standard when dancing. Pilates training embraces all these qualities and was therefore, even from its earliest creation, favoured by dancers, myself included, for these exact reasons.
After many years my career and life evolved. With dance shoes hung up and a husband and two children, I went on to develop my skills in the exercise and fitness sector developing the next stage of my career . Building on what I had learnt and achieved as a dancer and already knowing the benefits of Pilates through my own dance experience, I qualified as a Pilates teacher and in 2005 Pure Pilates in Basingstoke was formed.
Since then I have run my own mat-based Pilates group classes in the community as well as being contracted to teach at Serco’s Aquadrome , Basingstoke.  I also teach 1 to 1 classes from my own purpose built Pilates studio at home.
My career has awarded me the ability to channel my passion for Pilates into focusing and continually learning to understand the body as a whole. To strive to improve and maintain participants balance, strength, flexibility and posture is a continuous goal.  I take great pride in carefully structuring exercise sequences for my classes to ensure that each and every client’s needs are met and abilities catered for. This also ensures that classes are balanced and relaxed with an atmosphere that is enjoyed by every client in either group or individual lessons.
My personnel mission is to share the brilliance and uniqueness of Pilates to all and to continuously perform high quality teaching.


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