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Welcome to Pure Pilates

"It is the Mind Itself That Moves the Body"

                                          Joseph Pilates

Pam Steele teaches Classical Mat Work Pilates classes in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas of Oakley and Chineham. Pam is a qualified Level 3 teacher with over 12 years experience in teaching Pilates. She teaches all levels from beginner to advanced and also remedial exercise, offering both group classes in the community as well as one to one classes at her private studio in Basingstoke.

The Pilates method is an ingenious mix of body control, postural alignment, deep coordinated breathing and balance all combined in a series of exercises. It will strengthen your body, improve your body posture and increase suppleness. Pilates sets itself apart from other exercise regimes as it requires fewer repetitions and encourages flow of movement, rather than held poses. It uses dynamic streching i.e. one muscle group engaged to lengthen opposite acting muscles and focuses on strengthening the core abdominal muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential for spinal support.

Pilates is both an art and a science. Whatever your needs - be it enhancing your current fitness plan or aiding in rehabilitation of the body after injury - Pilates gives you the tools to learn how to move correctly, rebalance and realign with mindful thought. Pilates will give visible results, not unachievable promises.

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